When you arrange a flexible pawnbroker loan there are no credit reference checks, complicated forms or long waits for approval. 

You just bring in an item of gold or jewellery or a good watch as security. We keep the item safe for you and lend you money against it over a six-month period. When the time is up, you simply pay back the loan and interest and we return your valuables. Please remember that if you don't pay us back on time, you could lose your items...

If you wish, you have the legal right to make early repayments – maybe weekly, monthly or at any time that suits you – but you don't have to. You also have the right to pay off the whole loan early – either way, you will pay less interest.
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Representative example – Amount of credit £100.00, duration of agreement 6 months; interest payable 119.9% (fixed) PA; representative APR 155.8%; Total amount payable £159.94 in 1 payment.
*A pawnbroking loan is a 6 month loan agreement secured on the items you pledge. You don't have to repay anything early if you don't want to. However, the Consumer Credit Act 1974 gives you a legal right to pay back some or all of any loan early. If you do, you are entitled to a reduction in the amount of interest you have to pay. The values above are for illustration purposes only and do not represent an offer to you. If you do not pay back your loan when it is due, you may lose your pledged items as these may be sold to recover what you owe. If you'd like to arrange a loan over £1,000, please contact your local, friendly branch to discuss your requirements.

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Find my local branch

Pawn your valuables and get a cash loan for those sudden expenses

Bring in your valuables. We lend against jewellery and watches
We will value it for you free of charge, while you wait
Then have your agreed loan paid out in cash

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Contact us today about a Pawnbroking Loan

If you need a little extra cash for bills or expenses, a pawnbroking loan could be just what you need. It’s simply a loan that’s secured against the value of an item you own – a way to borrow with no credit reference checks or ‘payday loan’ type interest rates.

Simply fill in the enquiry form today and we’ll give you a call back within 24 hours to discuss your needs.

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How much is the interest?

If your loan is £100, say, and you keep the money for the full 6 months, you pay us £159.94 when you redeem your valuables.

This is an APR of 155.8%

If you only need the money for a month, you pay us £109.99 when you redeem your property.

What happens if I can’t pay the loan back?

The best thing to do is talk to us. We’ll do our very best to help you, of course. However, it may happen that we have to auction your item.

We will talk to you about alternatives first, but if you can't pay back your loan, then your pledged item may ultimately be sold.

Where is my local store?

We have branches all over the country, so we’re sure to be nearby.

Enter your postcode here to find the nearest branches to you.
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Find my local branch
Representative example – Amount of credit £100.00, duration of agreement 6 months; interest payable 119.9% (fixed) PA; representative APR 155.8%; Total amount payable £159.94 in 1 installment

I don’t know whether to sell my gold or pawn it

We can help you either way. If you want to sell outright, we offer competitive prices for gold – and we pay you the cash there and then.
If you want to keep your gold items – we know they often have sentimental value – then pawning them may be the answer. We give you a cash loan against your gold which remains your property. When you pay back the loan and interest, we return your gold – easy!
Kind words from our customers
Mr H, Paisley
If someone needs money, I'd recommend them as they are really helpful.
Mr M, Slough
It's a very fast efficient service , good value for money, easy to use and a professional service. A top service.
Find my local branch
Find my local branch
*Loans provided by Speedloan Finance Ltd., trading as Albemarle & Bond and Herbert Brown, and secured on items pledged. Your items may be at risk of auction if you do not redeem them when due. Subject to status and ID check. Other terms and conditions apply.
Authorised and Regulated

Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for consumer credit business.
Firm reference number 685989


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